Yogitri.com- As on Aug 2018
Website Overall Authority Website Onpage Audit + Content  Performances: Traffic + Keyword Ranking Performances: Social Media Authority: Link Building Authority
Domain Built & WHOIS Stats: Broken Link Performance: Major Traffic Sources (Last 3 months): Facebook: Prominent Root Referring Domain Backlinks: 
Magento Based Broken links are there but at urgent level. https://www.facebook.com/YogitriProducts Around 60+
Domain Age: 9+ Years. Combined All Traffic: Around 12,000 Likes: 16
Domain Authority Score: 29 / 100 Title Tags & Meta Description Optimization:  Per Day Users: Around  135 users per day No visual content variation has been used. Domains Vs Links Variations:
Page Authorty Score: 35 / 100 Both title tags and meta description are not properly utlizied.  No deep optimization. Not much variation in unique referring domains. 
Direct Traffic:
Domain Spam Found: Around few found. Need to be disavowed / removed. Internal & External Linking usage: Around 6,000 (46%), Per day around 65 visitors  Instagram: Major backlink anchors:
  No proper utilization. https://www.instagram.com/yogitriyogi/ No major anchor variation are there. 
Alexa worldwide website postion: 5,325,933 Google Organic Traffic:  No post, 54 followers. No optimization.  Some of them are like: 
No of pages indexed in search engines: Blog or News category usage: Around 3,200 (25%), Per day around 35 visitors  Twitter: german
Google- Around 3840 pages No such usage.  No twitter profile could be found. french
Yahoo- Around 2,990 pages Prominent Keywords Performances: Youtube Yogitri
Bing- Around 1,190 pages Image Optimization: yoga furniture Youtube: <a>no text</a>
Alt tags, image file title, alt description are not consistent and below average. No ids / numbers should be there but related keywords. meditation clothing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJeLhwxNPWmNNkcFy6LbQw  
IP Address is:  (not found spam with this IP) Htags: yoga wear Subscribers: 1 Major Referring Domains:
Note: Both Yogini and Yogitri IPs are same. Which is technically not wrong. But if link juice is beinf transferred between the two sites then it comes under greyhat. So we suggest to have a different IP for one of them. H1 to H4 sync is not available. meditation blanket No deep video seo could be seen. yogitri.nl
All 7 websites are having the same IP: Duplicate Content Issues:  Top Pages Performances: Google Business Page: yogitri.fr
jazua.nl No critical issues can be found.  https://www.yogitri.com/yoga-mats-props No business page have been found.  
natuurlijkgoed.org   1000+ visitors for this page.   Disavow Bad Backlinks:
pranaka.com Visual Design: https://www.yogitri.com/meditation   There are a big ratio of bad backlink available which needs to be disavowed / removed. 
yogini.nl Few areas concentration needed like font, content spacing, formats, internal linking, etc 1000+ visitors for this page.  
yogitri.com https://www.yogitri.com/yoga-mats-props/yoga-mats  
yogitri.de Around 1000 visitors for this page.  
yogitri.nl   Overall Remarks:    
  Google organic traffic is very low.